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Milford Track, Kepler Track, Routeburn, Dusky and Hollyford Tracks in - Fiordland National Park New Zealand.


Key Summit Track Fiordland. Photo by: Julian Apse


Doubtful Sound Fiordland New Zealand. Photographer: Lake Wanaka Tourism


Hiking - Fiordland New Zealand
Manapouri is the gateway to Great Walks Hiking trails in Fiordland National Park. Local gear shops supply hiking needs and equipment hire.
The Department of Conservation (DOC) Office, located in Te Anau, 15 minute drive from Manapouri. How to book huts and pay:
.Hut Reservations

Milford Track
54 kms, 4 days hike. ..Track Map

Routeburn Track Fiordland New Zealand. Photographer: Rob Suisted


Kepler Track Fiordland New Zealand. Photographer: Tourism New Zealand


Milford Track Fiordland New Zealand. Photographer: Rob Suisted

Dusky Track
84 kms, requires 8 days to complete.. ..Track Map

Kepler Track
60km circular track, 3 to 4 days hike. ..Track Map

Hollyford Track
56 kms one way, takes 4 days to complete. ..Track Map

Routeburn Track
32 kms, 3 days hike. ..Track Map


Day Walks

There are numerous day walks within Fiordland National Park, maps and information available at DOC and local vistor centres. The Kepler
Track offer 3 choices to complete sections of the track. There are many day walks around Te Anau and Manapouri.

Key Summit Track
3 hours return. Access via the Milford Road which runs from Te Anau to Milford Sound. ..Track Map

Lake Marian Track
3 hours return. Access via the Milford Road, turn off at Hollyford Road. ..Track Map.

Lake Manapouri Circle Track
4 hours return. Access at the Pearl Harbour via boat, water taxi across the Waiau River. ..Track Map

Mavora Lakes
Access via Hwy 94 heading towards Mossburn. ..Track Map

Milford Track - one day walk
11 kms 4 to 5 hours of leisurely walking. Access is by via Lake Te Anau. Guided or independent walk. ..Track Map

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